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Waiving Medical Coverage
Waiving Medical Coverage

Your guide for waiving your personalized benefits.

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There may be several reasons why you and your family do not need the personalized benefits offered by your employer. It is best for you and your employer to have the waiver and reason for waiver on file in case your status changes throughout the year and you do need to enroll in benefits.

Completing a Waiver

At this time, you should have already logged in, verified, or updated your personal information and family members, and selected your medical providers. If you need to complete these steps, please review A Guide to the Employee Experience for assistance.

In order to complete the waiver, select "WAIVE: I am declining to enroll in the ICHRA medical plan" and select the blue "CONTINUE" button on your Employee Home.

Once you click the "WAIVE" option, you will see a list of reasons you are declining coverage:

  • I am already covered by another employer's plan

  • I am already covered by a government plan (e.g. Medicaid)

  • I am already covered as a dependent under someone else's plan

  • I am not covered by another plan and I choose not to have health insurance

Select the reason that you are choosing to waive your coverage and select the blue "CONTINUE" button on your Employee Home.

You will be directed to the "DIGITAL SIGNATURE" page where you will sign that you are agreeing to waive your personalize benefits. We highly encourage you to read the legal agreement before signing. When you are ready to sign, you will type in your name and select the blue "SUBMIT SIGNATURE" button in the bottom right corner.

You will be redirected to your Employee Home and can see the waiver in the "MEDICAL PLAN" section.

Later in the year, if you need coverage after a qualifying life event, you will need to contact your Human Resources representative to request a special enrollment period.

CONGRATULATIONS! Your enrollment is completed!

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