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Medicare Enrollment Vendor Options
Medicare Enrollment Vendor Options

Different vendor options for Medicare Enrollment

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As a broker, there are different options that can assist you with enrolling your Medicare-eligible employees within your employer groups. Enrolling for Medicare can be very overwhelming for most people, so it is essential that the Medicare transition goes as smoothly as possible for the enrollee. Knowing the different Medicare vendors that benefitbay® partners with is essential in order to make their transition as smooth as possible are listed below.

Medicare Portal: As your Medicare-eligible enrollees approach this important milestone, it’s time for them to start looking at their Medicare options. To assist them with their transition, benefitbay® has partnered with Medicare Portal, an independent Medicare insurance agency that works specifically with individuals transitioning into Medicare and ICHRA. Since ICHRA contributions can be used to pay for Medicare supplemental plans, they should be able to purchase great coverage at little to no premium expense.

Their services are available at no cost and include Medicare education, enrollment assistance, and lifetime support. Medicare Portal has decades of experience transitioning individuals to Medicare, so they can feel confident in their knowledge. Click here on to be taken directly to their website.

Broker Self Enroll: As a broker, if you have your own Medicare carriers out there that you like or frequently work with, and you chose to do the Medicare enrollments for your employer groups and their employees, that is always a great option as well. Just please be sure you are familiar with all the regulations, guidelines, and compliance issues that go along with Medicare and ICHRA. This will ensure a smooth transition over to Medicare and using an ICHRA plan together.

eHealth Insurance Medicare: This is one of our enrollment partners here at benefitbay®. Their services are available at no cost and include an entire division dedicated to assisting Medicare-eligible enrollees. eHealth offers plans from numerous health insurance companies and they provide guidance through the enrollment process with their over 200 licensed insurance agents. Click on the link to be taken directly to or you can call them at 877-337-1482, they will be more than happy to assist you.

Doctor's Choice: This is a concierge Medicare advocacy brokerage focused on helping individuals to navigate the complexity of Medicare. benefitbay® has partnered with Doctor’s Choice, and they focus on helping individuals before, during, and after their transition to Medicare, their expert staff guides individuals through the complexities of Medicare during enrollment and as their healthcare needs change. Please contact Doctor's Choice for any further information at 800-656-0894 or

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