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Individual policy terminations
Individual policy terminations

Employees can use this template to notify their insurance carrier they are changing to a new carrier

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When you are switching insurance carriers it is imperative to notify your current medical insurance carrier.

It is a best practice to notify current carrier at least 30-days in advance to terminate your individual/family insurance coverage.

Note: If you need to cancel the coverage in less than 30 days, please send the cancellation notice as soon as possible.

The carrier will need to deactivate automatic payments and terminate coverage.

IMPORTANT: Individual insurance cannot be cancelled retroactively and can only be cancelled by the policyholder. This is important so your Employer does not continue to pay for both your new and old policy.

Your insurance carrier will need to be notified before your policy automatically renews.

You can download a word version of the template shown below by clicking this button.

TO: (insert name of current insurance company)

FROM: (insert your name)

MEMBER ID: (insert member ID from your ID card)

DATE: (insert current date)

RE: Termination of my individual/family medical policy as of (insert last date of coverage).

Please be advised I will be terminating my current individual/family policy as of (insert last date of coverage).


Please remove my automatic payments and stop billing for this coverage.

If there are any questions, please contact me.

Thank you.

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