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Viewing Individual Plan Options from FULCRUM
Viewing Individual Plan Options from FULCRUM

Quickly focus the conversation and close more groups with ICHRA

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We understand that the sales process with ICHRA can feel like a monumental task in change management. This is a new way of offering employee benefits and will take time and tools to help employers understand the shift. Using our proprietary FULCRUM and Modeling tools we believe you can leverage technology to compare group premiums to individual premiums.

NOW we've made it even easier.

Using the Plans option on FULCRUM allows you to take a more focused approach when you are presenting ICHRA options. This functionality will allow you to pinpoint a specific member on the census and represent their ICHRA shopping experience. Perhaps it's a key employee or the decision-maker in the room. Navigating to their name on the FULCRUM will allow you to click on the Plans button which will open up a new screen showing all available plans in their Zip code, the premiums, and employee costs based on the current ICHRA model you are reviewing.

Let's take a quick look

From the FULCRUM screen, you will click the Plans button on the individual you want to take a deeper dive on.

This will then pull in all available plans for this specific individual. As you can see below, John Pena will have access to 67 Off Exchange plan options where he can make a personalized benefit decision based on his unique needs.

On the right side of each plan card, you will see the per pay period costs for this employee based on the premium, the ICHRA contribution for this individual in the Model you are working on, and the payroll periods set on the employer.

When you are ready to return to the FULCRUM and the overall cost analysis simply click FULCRUM in the upper right corner.

At benefitbay® we believe in the momentum of personalized benefits and are excited to work with you to continue to build solutions that help you educate and employer your employer groups to step into this new benefit solution for today's modern workforce.

If you have any questions or issues you can always reach our support team by

clicking the blue circle bb chat bubble located at the lower right corner of your benefitbay® screen.

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