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Medical Plan Shopping
Medical Plan Shopping

We believe that the power of choice and personalization of benefit is the future, and that future is NOW!

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We are so excited to partner with you and your employer to help you personalize your health benefits selection this year. As a part of the benefitbay® ICHRA experience, your employer has unlocked the individual family plan (IFP) marketplace for you. Finding a plan that fits your needs is an important decision.

Here is a great article and video (below) to help you learn some of the basic insurance terms:

Begin Enrollment

At this time, you should have already logged in, verified, or updated your personal information and family members, and selected your medical providers. If you need to complete these steps, please review A Guide to the Employee Experience for assistance.

In order to enter the shopping experience, select "ENROLL: I would like to enroll in a new plan for the ICHRA Medical Plan" and select the blue "CONTINUE" button on your Employee Home.

Select which members of your family you would like to have medical coverage by selecting the blue check mark next to each family member's name (NOTE: you must be enrolled in a plan in order for dependents to be eligible to enroll in plans).

Once you have selected the family members you would like to select coverage for, click on the blue "SAVE & NEXT STEP" button on the bottom right corner of the screen. You will be navigated to medical shopping.

Shopping for a Medical Plan

YOUR personalized benefits are here! In the medical shopping experience, you search for and select the plan that is best for you and your family. Medical plans are based on the age and zip code of the members of your household you want to cover. You will see all of the available medical plans in your area, the monthly premiums for those plans as well as your per pay-period cost based on the employer ICHRA contribution available to you.

During the shopping experience, you can use Filters to narrow your plan search.

  • Carrier Name - you may select an insurance carrier you have had before

  • Metal Levels - as a part of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) all IFPs have a metal level which is the level of coverage the plan offers (bronze, silver, gold)

  • Plan Type - most IFPs are built to provide local access to care and will be categorized as HMO or EPO which allows you better coverage for localized providers

  • Health Savings Account (HSA) Eligible - having an HSA-qualified plan is required if you wish you make contributions to an HSA

  • Networks - using this Network Name you can confirm with your provider if they are In-Network for that specific plan

  • Providers - if you add your preferred providers to your employee profile, you will see if each provider is covered in-network by seeing a "green checkmark" next to their name; if they are not in Network, there will be a "red x" next to their name

You may compare plans by selecting the compare box of different plans (up to three at one time).

After filtering and reviewing the plans available to you, click the orange "SELECT" button for the plan that is best for you and your family. You will be directed to the "DIGITAL SIGNATURE" page, where you can review the plan, the premium, and the details and sign to accept this choice. We highly encourage you to read the legal agreement before signing. When you are ready to sign, you will type in your name and select the blue "SUBMIT SIGNATURE" button in the bottom right corner.

After signing you will be directed to your Medical Plan Review Page. This page contains your Advanced Reimbursement Checking (ARC) Account information, employer contribution, and plan details, as well as information about additional steps you may need to take to complete your enrollment.

DON'T STOP NOW! Enrollment is a two-step process. You have completed step one, which is your plan selection. Step two requires you to enroll for the selected plan with the insurance carrier.

Make the selection below to see the resource guide on how to proceed with your enrollment:

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