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We are so excited to partner with you and your employer and to help you personalize your health benefits selection this year. As a part of the benefitbay® ICHRA experience, your employer has unlocked the individual family plan (IFP) marketplace for you. Finding a plan that fits your needs is an important decision.

As you complete your benefitbay® profile, you will have the option to add in providers and facilities that matter most to you and the ones you love.

From your Employee Home, you will see the option to add your preferred providers in the upper left corner of your page.

On your providers' page, you will search for Providers and Facilities, such as Lab or Urgent Care facilities, that you would like to use in your health plan shopping experience.

It is important to verify the address of your provider or facility. Providers may offer care from various locations. The location of your provider may impact which plans are In-Network for you. Once you've added your preferred providers you can click on Employee Home to begin your ICHRA shopping experience.

During your Plan Shopping experience, you will see which of your preferred providers are In and Out of Network.

NOTE: During this shopping experience you are viewing the plans available and the costs associated with those plans. This is NOT the final enrollment process. Enrolling in your selected plan will require the completion of a carrier application.

Happy shopping, we can't wait to see what you'll choose!

If you have any questions or issues you can always reach our support team by

clicking the blue circle bb chat bubble located at the lower right corner of your benefitbay® screen.

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