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Adding Preferred Carrier Plans during Modeling
Adding Preferred Carrier Plans during Modeling

How brokers add Preferred Carriers and Specific Plans during modeling

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What is a "Preferred Plan"?

A Preferred Plan is a specific carrier's individual/family plan(IFP) that you would like to see shown when modeling a company to view premiums. This is helpful when comparing the Employer's current group plan and rates to Individual/Family Plans.

How does it work?

With Preferred Plans, you have the ability to overwrite the FULCRUM benchmark plan selections and focus your conversation on a specific carrier's plan, or plans. This means for a specific collection of individuals where you want to define an exact individual plan to make price comparisons you can select a preferred plan.

The system will then re-run your FULCRUM calculations mapping all individuals eligible to enroll in this plan.

What happens if an individual is not in a zip code where a Preferred Plan is available?

If an individual is not eligible for the preferred plan you’ve selected, you can add additional preferred plans or leave the default Metal Tier benchmark.

How Do I Add a Preferred Plan?

  1. Go into the FULCRUM and choose the benchmark metal level for the specific plan you are looking to display. (For example, a Gold Low plan).

  2. Choose an Employee from your listing and click on "PLANS".

  3. Once in the specific Employee's plans, then pick the Preferred Plan by clicking on "Add Preferred".

  4. Go back into FULCRUM and when you click on "Download Details" your Preferred Plan will be shown for all employees who have the option to purchase that plan.

  5. NOTE: If you need additional plans added repeat Steps 1-3.

Why Add a Preferred Plan(s)?

Brokers tell us this is a more detailed option for comparing ICHRA to group insurance and using Preferred Plans is very helpful in speeding up the employer ICHRA sales conversations

Who do I contact for assistance?

For more details or a product demonstration reach out to your CSM, or use the support chat bubble.

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